Industrial sensors and measuring devices

Hydex Semitronic Inc provides industrial measuring devices.
Energy production, rehabilitation and the need for measuring devices
There is high demand for measuring devices within the energy production sector. Rising energy prices along with increased focus on environmental friendly energy production, drives energy companies to upgrade old turbines and motors. At the same time the number of companies wanting to start producing energy increases.

Large energy companies for instance, need sensors to know the position of enormous power plant pistons (up to 8 meters in size).

Semitronic Inc delivers sensors that provide information about the exact piston position, enabling precise control of dam hatches – even though the operator is miles away. We also deliver turbine sensors to control  the amount of water flowing into the turbine.

Oils and offshore – extreme precision demands
Many of our devices are critical to the operation of whatever process they are a part of, with no room for malfunction. An oil company about to lower a platform in the North Sea has to know whether it’s upright or not. They must know that they can rely a 100% on the solutions delivered by Semitronic Inc.

Semitronic Inc  designs and produces measuring devices based on customer specifications. Production is either done in-house, or by an outside manufacturer. The measuring device is then added to the finished product. The quality and accuracy requirements are in both cases very high – in some cases extreme.

For years we have been av representative for PCB, and have deliverd hundreds of sensors of all kinds.

Quality measuring devices is a critical part of ensuring problem free operation. Offshore, the cost of unexpected production interrupts is enormous. Making sure such interrupts doesn’t happen by investing in the proper measuring devices, is in other words good for business.

Our value proposition
High quality products, along with an extensive experience and understanding of our customer’s needs enable us to provide the right solution for your specific requirements.

Knowing what’s expected of us, our goal is to provide well documented, optimal hydraulic solutions that add value and increases efficiency, productivity, and profitability.  

Our customers 
The Semitronic Inc customers are found in the following industries: 

Defence           Oil and gas           Hydroelectric power           Research           Industry

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