Sherborne Sensors T820 dual axis inclinometer

Sherborne Sensors inclinometers 
  • 23mm diameter cylindrical housing with precision angular alignment feature
  • Input voltage options: bi-polar : ±12 to ±18VDC or single ended : 9 to 18VDC
  • Output: ±5VDC (bi-polar input) or 0.5 to 4.5VDC (single ended input)
  • Solder pin terminations or connector within diameter of housing
  • Stainless Steel Construction, reduces angular errors due to flexibility of sensor
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Sherborne Sensors T820 dual axis inclinometer

Type    Dual axis inclinometer
Total range ±14,5° ... ±60°
Resolution 1 ... 4 arc seconds
Cross axis sensitivity ± 0.2% FRO
Temperature range -18°C ... +70°C
Shock survival 1000g, 0,5msec, ½ sine
Sealing IP67 / NEMA6 
Application Bore-hole logging
Seismic studies
Angular measurements in confined areas
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Sherborne Sensors T820 dual axis inclinometer

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